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Top Talent Revolution, A DNA Staffing Company, offers the guidance you need to revolutionize your career and your life. 

Using a personalized 360 approach, we'll work with you to improve every facet through private and confidential coaching:
- Create a powerful vision for your future

- Balance your career goals and personal life

- Commit to the accountability you need
- Overcome your perceived limitations

- Plan a strategy for making your vision a reality

-Reach your purpose, vision and goals
Top Talent Revolution uses a holistic approach, addressing your personal and career goals with the aim of creating a balance life - 
the hallmark of true success.

360 Life Vision  -  Personal Development -  Career Success
  •  FREE: Completely Free 5 Day Personal Development Course
  •   Learn: Leadership Skills, Goal Setting & Step by Step How to Achieve Goals
  •   Practice: Maximize Your Potential. Discover Your Unique Skills to Create a Passive Income Profit 
  •   Interact: Get Exclusive Access to our Support Group of Trainers and Trainees 
  •   Extras: Get access to Top Talent Leaders, VIP Access To Top Talent CEOs, Business Owners Special Guest Experts
Would You like to Become a 
Top Talent ?

Learn How to 
Increase Your Freedom and Prosperity  

Changing Your 
Annual Income into Your Monthly Income 
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What You'll Learn In Today's Free Training in the Membership Area: 

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How to Change Your Mindset to increase your income to reach financial freedom

3 steps in to generate more income now

How I grow up poor and now retired in my mid 30s with a 7 figures income business and now travel around the world.

Meet your 
Peak Performance Strategist
Ruth Dorsainville

I’ve gone from being broke, being raised by a single mother of 5 to becoming the CEO and Chairwoman of DNA Staffing Corporation, a recruiting firm with over 1400 Recruiters and 44 location worldwide.

One way I’ve earned income is from being a career professional, to a solo-preneur to a business owner. 

Learning how to leverage my time and money helped me work with the top leaders in the world.

Pay close attention as this video on the membership site, it will give you tips and strategy you can apply right away. These FREE Paradigm Shift videos will help you tremendously.

Gary Vee (right) 4 Time New York Times bestselling Author, International Speaker and Top 3 Online Marketing Strategist in the World with Ruth Dorsainville, (Left) Chairwoman of DNA Staffing Corporation & Top Talent
What is Top Talent Revolution?
We help you discover your unique skills and turn it into profit!
Top Talent Revolution, a DNA Staffing Corporation Company - (a full recruitment and talent coaching management firm with over 1400 recruiters, with over 44 locations), offers the guidance you need to revolutionize your career.

Using a personalized approach, we'll work with you to improve every facet through private and confidential coaching by:
 1) Creating a powerful and clear vision for your future

 2) Balance your career goals

 3) Commit to the accountability you need

 4) Overcoming your perceived limitations 

 5) Planning a strategy for making your vision a reality 

 6) Reaching your purpose, vision and goals 
Top Talent Revolution uses a holistic approach, addressing your personal and career goals with the aim of creating a balance life - the hallmark of true success.
360 Life Vision

Personal Development

Career Success
WHY Top Talent Revolution?
Leveraging other people's product (time) or 
creating your own product is the best way to get started in generating income.

Here are 3 reasons why:

Reason #1: No or Little Money Required

Many people think to start a business you need money.

The reality is, you can start from zero.

Making money online using other people's products to start is a strategy that requires little to no money to start because you're acting as an intermediary party during a transaction.

Reason #2: Multiple Stream of Income is the way to Wealth!

If you want long-term wealth, you need to diversify.

Relying on 1 or 2 streams of income is too unstable and risky.

Leveraging products from other people until you have your own product is a reliable way to generate income because not only is it a eleven BILLION dollar industry, it's always going to be a reliable income source because ecomerce and online is present and future.

Creating a part time or full time Online Business is also a core element of any successful investor. I've never met or researched any successful millionaire or billionaire who didn't have multiple sources of income in their portfolio.

Reason #3: Age does not matter!

Your age or experience doesn't matter.
When it comes to making money, you can be of any age and you don't need any formal training.

Like anything in life, online business investing comes with a risk; however, the goal with Top Talent Revolution training and coaches is to reduce as much risk as possible by showing you the mistakes to avoid.

The beauty of the Top Talent Revolution strategy is it's the perfect way for anyone to get started right away from ANYWHERE!
Want More Help?
After watching the FREE training in the membership site, you'll have two options:

1. You can get started on your own

2. You can get help from me and the Top Talent Revolution Team.

If you want to do this on your own, we wish you the best of luck.

It's possible, but it won't be as easy as getting our help.

If you want help from us, you're moments away from getting a series of training videos you can watch from any device.
Introducing: The Top Talent Revolution Program! 
The Top Talent Revolution Program is an online educational program with actionable training from 

Ruth Dorsainville -- a 16+ year full-time business owner and investor.

Within the program, you'll discover how to find business deals, creating your own products / program and/or invest in deals that help you generate income right away.

Since starting a business doesn't require a any license, you can start working on your e-commerce business the same day you begin the Top Talent Revolution Program.

Online Business is a prime opportunity for anyone interested in starting a business part time or full time and with Ruth and her team as your guide, you'll know exactly what to do to generate income and close deals -- even if you're starting out with little to no money or experience.
What You'll Learn In The Program:
How To Start Your Business
Phase 1 teaches the always-important, entry-level concepts you must know the fundamental of a business owner mindset: Being a Business Owner is not easy. The Right Mindset is crucial to not only start but achieve your goal.
Here's a preview of what you'll discover within


- Defining and achieving goals – if you know how to reach the goal, then it probably isn’t the right goal 
- Understanding the difference between what you know and what you do – just knowing something doesn’t get results; you must change the behaviour to change results  
- Understanding and adapting to the unprecedented rapid changes taking place in the corporate world 
- Identifying and avoiding toxic landmines that sabotage your thinking  
- The magic of attitude – you must give energy to get energy back. It starts with you. 
- How to stop those around you from controlling what you think – with tools to reprogram participants to think great thoughts about themselves, their family, their job, business, employees or the company they work for.  
Ruth Dorsainville (right), Chairwoman of DNA Staffing Corporation,
 Loral Langemeier (left) 5 Times New York Best Selling Author, Millionaire Mentor

- How to find products to sell or create your own
- How to leverage OPM (Other People's Money and OPT Other People’s Time) 
- Why you should never name your business after yourself 
- Locate buyer ready to buy your product 
- How to know which deals will be profitable using a one page business plan 
- The difference between traditional and online business (decide which business type is best for your LIFESTYLE) 
- How to decide if you should borrow money your business
- How to understand business terminology, so you are position as an expert 
- How to use free online resources to find motivated buyers (And much more...) 

The 3rd and final phase focuses on structuring your online business and why you need little to no money to get started. Some of the many lessons you'll learn in Phase 3 include:

- Why the minimum profit you should aim for per deal is $2,000
- How hire virtual outsource team to get you results faster by leveraging your time 
- How to hire a social media marketing agency to help you have more presence online and generate new clients in a predictable way. 
- An easy business plan with easy number to create a predictable income from your multiple products.  
- Investment with other millionaire coaches 
 (And much more...) 
3 Bonuses For Fast-Action Takers

BONUS #1 - PHASE 1 FREE - Access to the first five module at no additional charge. We know that mindset is important and we want you to succeed, therefore the 5 module will help you create a new paradigm and new success habit.

BONUS #2 - Live Event Ticket: For a limited time, we're giving away 1 free ticket to any of my upcoming events. This free ticket remains valid for 5 years, so you can choose which event you wish to attend.

BONUS #3 - Private Mastermind Community: We'll connect you with other members going through this program, so you can exchange tips, ask and answer questions, and keep each other motivated. That motivation is key. We all procrastinate. Trust me, having people hold you accountable makes a huge difference.

Extremely Limited Time Offer
This Is Your Chance To Claim The Best Deal Of The Year
This Is a Limited Opportunity
Let me explain.

We have been coaching for years! Over 20+ years!

With the Top Talent Revolution Program, you should expect result within the first 90 day guarantee. We have had many students with great success and we want the same for you.

We are taking a limited group at a time.

So don't delay when it comes to making a decision.

If this happens to shut down, don't freak out... you'll be placed on a waiting list and we'll announce when we re-open this program.

Now, here's what will happen if you manage to make it in on time...

To start, you'll have your very own private login and password for the training. This will allow you to access the program from anywhere, even if you only have a mobile device.

You will also have access to book your first coaching session with Ruth Dorsainville.

The program is designed to go at your own pace.

Why You Must Begin This Program Now

For the most part, online business isn't going away.

But when it comes to the specific system strategy Ruth's showing you in the Top Talent Revolution Program, it's only a matter of time before more people catch on and start making flipping more competitive.

That being said, the window of opportunity on the specific online business strategy isn't going away in a few weeks or even several months; you still have time to get in the program and start making money right away.

Just don't expect to come back to this page in a few years from now and find the same offer.

Money rewards speed.

People who implement the strategy today are way more likely to get the results they desire than people who procrastinate.

If you're serious about getting started, don't sit this one out.

Take the next step by clicking the button below, so you can get access to the full program.

Success is in Your DNA,
Ruth Dorsainville

Can I really do this on my own?
Yes! With the free training on this page, you CAN start on your own. 
But here’s the thing — most people take 2-3 years before they finally figure things out to the point where they’re profitable. And that’s not all — the other common mistake most people make when getting started is trying to rush straight to the top.

Starting your own business whether part time or full time is like climbing a ladder; you need to go step by step. If you try to climb too fast, you’ll fall down. You’ll go in debt. You’ll get frustrated and give up.

0.0001% of your reading this may have success doing this on your own. If you think those are good odds, good luck — feel free to close this page and let us know how it goes.

But for the rest of you; those of you who want hands-on training based on experience – not theory, click the link button to join this test group.

Will it actually work for me?

I set this up in a way that can't fail you.

This program will either work for you or you will get your money back.

And when it does work for you, the cool thing is your profit will end up paying for your initial purchase for this program.

Here's the catch you must be willing to do the work, follow through with the material, and stay open-minded with the training. You're going to learn a lot of new strategies and it will disrupt your normal way of thinking.

But as long as you pace yourself through the program, it can't fail you because you can get your money back.

Yes, people will take advantage of this. But I want to make it easy for you to refund the program, so you can sleep well knowing your investment is 100% guaranteed.

Will this work for me, specifically, because of where I live?


The best thing about online business is that you can be anywhere. Ruth has started a virtual business since 2009 and continue to do so.

As long as you have good internet, you will always have business and opportunity to make money selling products or creating your own products online.

In addition to that, this isn't just for people living in the US.

In fact, you can sell to people in the US ” even if you're in a non-US country. The US and ASIAN market attracts the most foreign investment of any country in the world.

How old do I have to be to use this program?

We'll have all ages in
this program. Age does not matter.

When people are thinking about a products that they need, they never ask the age of the owners. It would not influence their decision.

If you're 13 and you want to start your own business, you might need parental consent to set up your business account, but hey ” you can do this with your parents or partners and show them a new way of earning income and grow the family income and have better conversation over dinner.

It's for all ages, genders, and ethnicities.

If you think you're too old... it's better late than never.

And if you think you're too young... think about who got started at a young age... Bill Gates, etc.

I don't have enough money. Can I get into the program for $100?

A part of me wants to say yes, but that wouldn't be fair to all the other people who were able to get into the program and paid the full price of the program.

What I would do if I were you is I'd make this a lesson for myself.

I'd say How do I make this so it never happens again?

Open up a bank account and call it your Business Owner Fund. Start setting aside money that you put into this account that you can tap into when certain opportunities arise that you never want to miss out on.

Will we be focusing on making money online through selling other people’s product, creating your own products or investing in other products (online or offline)?

Tony Robbins says: A lead to someday, leads to a town called nowhere. You want to be specific.

Like what Confucius said, If you chase two rabbits, you wind up with none.

We'll be touching on other options, but mainly focusing on ways to create passive income.

It's like college where you major in a specific subject, but you minor in some other side subjects.

What do I do when it starts making me money?

We are going to train you how to manage your money.
Everything you need to know about money that we should've been taught in school.

We are going to teach you how to actually enjoy your money instead of just living to work.

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