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ABOUT Facilitator Ruth Dorsainville

Career Expert, Certified Leadership Coach and Career Speaker
Ruth Dorsainville is a Certified Leadership Coach (CLC), Founder of the Recruiting and Staffing World and the Chairwoman of DNA Staffing Corporation. 

She also worked on Wall Street as the Vice President of New York Staffing, a division of Chartwell Staffing Services, a Certified WBENC (Women Owned Business) and Disadvantage Business Certified (DBE). Achievements and awards in recognition, includes: in 2003, INC Magazine designated New York Staffing Services one of the fastest growing privately held companies in the U.S. It has received many other citations and awards, including an award for Outstanding Business Enterprise by the National Minority Business Council, Inc. in April 2009 and has also been featured on Forbes magazine.

Ruth has a proven record of success assisting world-class organizations with their executive recruitment and leadership development requirements. A trusted advisor to senior management, she builds long-term relationships, and has an established reputation for her commitment to excellence and focus on results.

Although she was living the "American Dream", deep inside she knew something needed to change because even with all her successes, she still felt unfulfilled. Thus she began her transition to find her career of passion.

She discovered that in order to live a fulfilled life she needed to pursue her soul’s purpose. By taking charge of her destiny and following her dreams, Ruth finally found peace and felt complete.

Today she inspires individuals to live their essence thru their career, entrepreneurial business and promote diversity in the workplace. She does so through many different mediums including her peak performance leadership coaching practice. 

She has studied and has been coached by world leaders such as Anthony Robbins, Darren Hardy, John Maxwell, Barbara Bruno and Chelt Holmes.

She is a member of several professional associations, supports various charitable and community based organizations, and also offers her time coaching recent graduates. She is currently writing her first book to help individual find passion in their career by being true to their life’s purpose.

What set Ruth apart from the rest?

·​ CHOSEN LEADER to help you rewrite the movie of your career life

·​ Get in the core of your soul to see “the why” holding you back

·​ Sustainable Actionable Results to Help You Take Your Career to the Next ​Level 


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